A Significant Experience


Once upon a time there was a Black Hole.

No Star, no Planet, no Comet, no nothing, ever came near the Black Hole. Why? Well, it is a Black Hole. Who could see it in the space?

Those who were caught by its invisibility soon realized that something strange was happening – parts of themselves were missing – and, one day, no one of The Caught had their own self any more.

However, although the Black Hole had swallowed up entire Celestial Bodies, the Black Hole was alone in the outer space: those Bodies had ended up in particles – that had no sense, no shape, no ideas, no dreams, no past: no questions. Just particles.

Did it ever go dancing? What is the big deal about dancing with some Body that, invisible, can swallow you up? Can you chatter with it? Have a nice cup of tea while watching the Super Eclipsebowl? Can you invite it to be your flower girl?

And so, the Black Hole remained alone.

Was it sad, unhappy, and lonely? No; it liked its own massiveness, compact pressure and hardened and total darkness.

One day – lo and behold – the Black Hole had a little Star of its own.

A fluffy, smiling, shiny little Star.

Every Body knows that the function of a Star is to solve problems. Without problems, there is no internal pressure – and the Star will fall down into the vacuum of boring routine, astrology and mental hospitals. A Star is a Body where is no Darkness – no confusion, no illusion, no lies: where everything makes sense. A Star lights up the Science and the Self-Awareness.

Oh, speaking of light, our Star. She loved dances, and cups and cups of teas. Super Eclipsebowl, then! She was the most jumping happy thing in all the face of the space. But above all, what she best liked was being a flower girl; and, above all, she was the best liked flower girl, too. You should see the pure blue she was when preceding the bride, with The Flowers – little rays given by older Stars, whose colors went from orange to even deep red. If she was happy for being the nearest of the two lovers? That, too; but having the Flowers meant that she would have to visit The Eldest. Their heat, their wisdom – and specially, their past – for hours, they would share and listen and laugh at each other – and the little Star, in case she had forgotten the Flowers, would not need them that much, so glowing was her face, when she left them. And she would go home to tell Black Hole of every visit, and every tea, and every dance partner. The little Star was growing up tall, bright and pretty.

One day, nobody saw the little, shiny Star. The heavens were quiet, no jumping happiness to create movement between the Celestial Bodies. And here and there, in an imensurable space of darkness, sometimes you can see a tiny bright point of light. Is that a point of a star? Wait, it can appear again … When? How? Who knows?

Once upon a time there was a Black Hole, and nobody cared.

STAR. n. 1. A celestial object that consists of extremely hot gases and emits radiation and light. 2a. A star’s structure is determined by a star’s need to hold itself up by some sort of internal pressure. 2b. Evolution of a star is governed by the changing nture of the processes that maintain this pressure. 2c. Star differ in their brightness.

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