The real, the royal and the romantic


Trying really hard not to name names here…

Yes, I did get me some royal wedding fever too. Watching bits of that friday morning on the internet (my cable is out) sent me on a almost-month long crush.

Since then I spent hours reading up on it, from the people, to the family income, to the fotographs, to the privacy claims, to the tortoises. (There is a lot of information out there.) I even thought of compiling everything together – all I read and what I think. And then yesterday I had an epiphany which, considering the plotline I favor, is quite shocking.

For all that I like to read romance novels I don’t think I believe in romance.

The absolutely beautiful bride, the youngish groom, the demure yet sexy bridesmaid, the royal, the famous and the common – it looked like a fairytale making history, and I got insanely fixated on it.

So I queried and browsed and read and watched. The eight-plus-year long relationship, the commoner girlfriend who owned a million-dollar flat, the sister who helped to animate the after wedding party but kills animals for sport (game hunting, I think it’s called), the nightclub life, the homemade meat pie but a hen party at Clarence House, the simple daily living reported before the 4000 pounds-a-night honeymoon… So many conflicting stories , so much money, politics and fame and now I wonder, at least do they like each other?

See? I don’t think I believe in romance.

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